The weekly programme at Hotel Edelweiss and in the ski and holiday area Gitschberg Jochtal is a colourful field of flowers where anyone can pick the flower they like most!

Active & pleasure programme in the hotel:

  • Every afternoon cake from the buffet 3.00 – 5.00 p.m (drinks not included)
  • 1 x per week Bavarian breakfast with White Sausage, Brezel and sweet mustard
  • 1 x week gala dinner
  • 1 x per week Tyrolean farmer's menu
  • 1 x per week Italian dinner with starters buffet
  • 1 x per week aperitif reception with the Oberhofer family
  • 1 x per week sparkling wine breakfast with smoked salmon
  • 1 x per week desserts from the buffet

Weekly programme in the ski and holiday area Gitschberg Jochtal:


  • Medieval Games at the Mühlbacher Klause Ruins (5–9 years)
  • Old Castles & New Wines - Visit to the Vineyard & Organic Farm
  • Guided tours of the Mühlbacher Klause
  • Summer in the mountains with Kneipp
  • Bogbean, Yarrow and Magic Spells in Natz


  • Moutain lake hiking tour, for experts
  • Family hike to the Spinges Bunker
  • Rafting Taster


  • Big 5 Altitude hike to the Wilde Kreuzspitze/Seefeldspitze (alternately)
  • Meeting the animals at the Ahner mountain farm (5–9 years)
  • Into the Woods


  • Kletterhetz (10–14 years)
  • Krixly Kraxly (5–9 years)
  • Hike to the Pfunders mountain farms
  • Lama trekking for families


  • Sunrise hike
  • Carriage ride for children in Meransen (5–14 years)
  • The Meronsna Legend Trails
  • The farm and stables