The winegrowing region Valle Isarco
In Valle Isarco 270 hectares are covered in vine. The wines that are produced here today are almost all white wines: Sylvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Veltliner, Kerner, Ruländer and Riesling. The only red Valle Isarco wine is the “Klausner Laitacher”.

The three original varieties of grape in South Tyrol
Gewürztraminer from the wine village of Termeno on the South Tyrolean wine route, that started out here and is now grown all over the world. This dry white wine has a spicy, aromatic, pleasant and full-bodied taste.
Vernatsch, the typical and most widespread grape variety from which the Kalterersee wine is produced. Its characteristics: light ruby red, slightly dry, fruity, very mild and agreeable due to its low acidity and minimal tannin content. Suitable for all dishes.
Lagrein is a dark garnet red, dry, strong, full-bodied wine with a slight note of violets.

From grapes to wine
The quality of the wine is determined by the care of the farmer, the skill of the wine maker and the weather. The vines are pruned as early as January, followed in March by the "tying of the vines”. In May the first shoots are already sprouting. In June and July, the farmer removes any excessive leaves and in August, the grapes are thinned out, which means that surplus grapes are cut out - the absolute prerequisite for a high quality wine. The harvest begins at the beginning of September with the white grape varieties from low-lying vineyards. It lasts until the middle of October. This is followed by fermentation in the barrels, constantly monitored by an expert wine maker.

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